Zoom Classes

Hello Everyone,

What a wild ride the past year has been. In an effort to
stay safe and create some sort of normalcy in all of are lives, Smart Bodies
is offering virtual classes through Zoom.


Venmo…my account: Jacquie-Zacher-Becker or check by mail.

Class Times

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday  


    Abs, Back and Stretch  

Lite Weights/Pilates 



Class times may vary or adjust depending on how this new
virtual world goes.

If you have questions or want to schedule a private session
call me. 801.503.2896

Things that might come in handy

  • -2 hand towels
  • -yoga strap or old tie
  • -blanket or couch cushion
  • -Any weights or bands you have

and Your smiling mind and body!  

Thank You for all of
your continued support  – Jacquie