Pilates is a system of controlled exercises to condition the total body. With a mixture of flexibility and strength training Pilates will help to improve your posture while also reducing stress. Pilates creates lean and long muscles without bulking. Let us create a Pilates program to meet your needs and abilities.

More dynamic than yoga, Pilates is designed to coordinate your breathing and body movement. Pilates can help: improve flexibility and balance, reduce stress and tension, restore the alignment of your posture, strengthen your spine, help you recover from strain or injury, increase your range of motion, improve circulation, enhance stamina and agility, complement sports training, and improve the look and feel of your body.

At the Smart Bodies Fitness & Pilates studio we have the following Pilates equipment: Pilates Cadillac, Reformer, Chair, and Mat. This equipment allows for over two hundred and fifty different exercises giving you a total body workout while also strengthening your core and back muscles.


Circuit training mixes resistance training with high intensity aerobics. This combination targets strength building and endurance. Circuit training has been shown to enhance cardio vascular health as well as muscle fitness. It can be easily structured to provide a whole body workout and can be adapted to any size workout area, including your home or office. At Smart Bodies Fitness & Pilates our circuit training combines aerobics, Pilates, TRX, weights, and Pilates Mat to give you a variety of workouts.

Circuit training is very time efficient incorporating strength, flexibility, and cardio all in one exercise, and has the potential to burn more calories than conventional aerobics or strength training exercises. Contact Jacquie at Smart Bodies Fitness & Pilatesfor more information on circuit training either in our studio or in your home.




Regardless of your age or physical condition you can benefit from out Senior Fitness exercise program. Regular exercise can help you look and feel better, it also has the added benefits of lowering your risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, colon cancer, and obesity.

Inactivity in seniors can lead to the loss of the ability to do things on your own and also lead to more hospitalizations, doctor visits and more reliance on the use of prescription medicines to control age related conditions. Regular exercise can help you improve your everyday activities, build stamina and strength to prevent loss of bone mass and will improve your balance, which can help reduce your risk of falls.

You are never too old to enjoy the rewards of regular exercise. It’s also a great place to socialize and meet new friends. Smart Bodies Fitness & Pilates has had an ongoing senior fitness program since its inception. Call today for information on starting your senior fitness program and begin enjoying the rewards of regular exercise.


Personal Training is for those who prefer a one on one session or in a small group of two to four people. At Smart Bodies Fitness & Pilates we can help you prepare for an event or continue rehabilitation after physical therapy. Whether in your home, office, or at our studio our Personal Training can help you reach your personal goals.


TRX Suspension Training exercises were developed by the Navy SEALS as a portable device to help develop strength, endurance, balance, and core stability. No matter your age or fitness level TRX Suspension Training will help you meet your personal fitness goals. With TRX we train your movements which helps to build your core body muscle strength. Because of its focus on your core body muscles, a TRX workout gives you a total body workout while also strengthing your core muscle groups


Mission Statement

“I am eager, excited, and passionate to share my yoga experience with my students. Yoga is an ancient practice and encompasses a huge spectrum of philosophy, movement, and personal responsibility to care for oneself. It is my personal goal to share yoga with students of all ages. Whether in group classes or customized yoga private sessions, I am committed to each student’s personal growth within their yoga practice.”



Yoga with Megan

Posture and Alignment: Start your day by awakening your inner wisdom. Focus will be breath linked to asana poses and present moment awareness. Alignment supports healthy joint posture in every yoga pose. Core stability and education is the key to reaching ideal posture.

Thursday 9:00 – 10:00am.

Stretch and Flow: Attention will be on ideal warm up to support flexibility. Careful attention to breath, timing, and repetition allow optimum stretching. Classes will focus on dynamic stretching blended with vinyasa flow sequences.

Thursday 1:00 – 2:00pm.

Single Class Drop In: $12, 10 Class Punch Pass: $100 with the 11th Class FREE

(*Private yoga sessions, customized to student’s goals and interest, available by appointment with instructor)